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There is so much more to this world we live in...


Our perception is limited to our conditionings and so are our judgments.

We are quick to give our opinions and it has become ever so convenient in the millennium with social media becoming part of our daily lifestyle, not even realising the social media performance has become part of our personality.

Anyone who wants to know more about you, whether a potential employer or a business partner, he has to just visit the social media profile. The statements one makes and the likes and dislikes are all points to ponder and insight to the person they might be dealing with in the future.

Now does that mean we have to keep this in our mind all the time and be someone else in totality? Not quite so, but the fact is the profile and the postings are part of you. In many countries there are also situations where telephone conversations and WhatsApp chats are made public when the situation rises.

For some reason even polite persons tend to be political when online. Is it because of the distance and the impact of collective audiences but us social beings are already making our judgments and while our opinions might not matter human resources experts might have plenty to analyse on what to expect from the person.

Now on the other hand the online classes have an interesting trend. In a typical classroom the students only face the teacher. The view of their teacher depended on where the students were seated. Now however they are in clear view of the teacher as well as their classmates. In the classroom they would only see the back of their classmates’ heads, but not so in an online class when the videos are switched on, definitely there must be a change in their mind set. No one is hiding behind someone else and virtually there are no back benchers.

The kids are getting their own screen time and exposure to technology from apps that connect them to their classrooms to using scanners. They might be the youngest generation to start using AI (Artificial Intelligence) naturally even not realising what they are into. Everything to enhance intelligence and knowledge, but at no time should we forget that education is not completed if we do not develop their understanding about cultures, tolerance and respect for each other.

It is wholesomeness of a classroom that takes the students through a collective experience. While online classes have achieved quite a bit under the circumstances the time children get to spend with each other is precious as well for they learn a lot from each other. At the same time the peer pressure probably eased up during these days of studying online.

Our experiences and education condition us and that is something that is passed on to the younger generation. An example is how we look at mud. We try to get children away from playing in the dirty for good reasons as well, but it was not until I happened to see a video post by R.E.S.C.U.E — community united for elephants. The caretakers of the baby elephants who are orphans were being given showers but

at the same time they were throwing sand on them.

If you are a fan of elephants you must have seen them do it often on their own. But up until reading this Instagram post I had not thought about it so much. The caretakers explained, the benefits of a daily dirt bath are thermoregulation, sun protection, removal of parasites and soothing of any scratches or injuries.

Now of course elephant skin is very different but the value of dirt is at a different level for them. We might have a mud bath in a spa but for the elephants it is a daily affair important for their survival. There must be so much more we need to learn to get earth back its balance away from viruses, global warming and climate change. And one thing is for sure — man will continue to innovate but now let us hope we will keep nature in mind too as well as humanity whether it is a vaccine or technology.

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