Artefacts dating back to 7000 BC discovered in Adam

Muscat, Jan 29 – Archaeological discoveries dating back to 7,000 BC have been discovered at the Al Mudhmar site in the Wilayat of Adam. The discoveries include some 4,000 of arrows, bronze snake figurines, beauty and defence tools, as well as some agricultural tools.

A French-Italian team of archaeologists have been working on the site since 2015. The site was a commercial and religious centre, according to a French expert.

Ahmed bin Mohammed al Tamimi, Director, Department of Heritage and Culture in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, termed these discoveries “very significant”.

According to him, one of the geological discoveries at the site was a hole at the foot of the mountain, which experts believe to be the “mouth of a spring”. Said bin Salem al Jadidi, archaeological specialist at the Department of Heritage and Culture in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, citing the French and Italian teams, said “the site has religious sanctity, like a temple where worship was held in the ancient times.

He said the building had a roofing for which local wood — sal and palm — were used. He said that in Adam, there are many sites that belong to the period of Samad and that Mount Hammadar was full of archaeological tombs, some dating back to the earlier periods of Samad, especially those located at the foot of the mountain.

Mathilde Jean, French archaeologist and doctoral student at Sorbonne University, France, said stone walls and agricultural dams were found on the site, similar to the green terraces on the Green Mountain.

She believes there is an old factory for the manufacture of arrows and figurines. The arrows were used for self-defence or hunting.