Art is a fine blend of creativity and humanity

MUSCAT: When Omani artists decide that art should be spread for entertainment, they also eventually realise the overall messages of the art they do. As there are hundreds of artists around trying to make their marks as the greats did, their life experiences eventually shaped them to who they mature as an artist. Every artist is indeed different with their passion, and philosophy of life. Abdulraheem al Yahyaei is one such amazing artist who has carved a niche for himself.

Like many artists, Abdulraheem’s first attention was given to anime art as influenced by the cartoons they watched when they were young.

“Later, each one of us could draw the path of the talent, depending on the place you are raised at and moved by the different situations you go through,” Abdul said.

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“Being a nurse is tough enough to force you resort to something relaxing. For me, it is painting that could take all the burdens off my shoulder. Luckily enough, I can free my thoughts and my brush from the bad reality that we observe in hospitals,” he shared.

He added, “Not a single artwork of mine was meant to show agony and torture. On the contrary, I tend only to paint optimistic scenes and lovely aspects of life. When I paint, it is more like letting my emotions flow without any obstruction. I can never pinpoint when and how the painting will end, it is just an inner joy which I feel when my inner thoughts are translated to paintings and that is when I know that the work is done,” he explained.

When asked about his favorite pieces, for a rare moment, Abdulraheem’s smile faded.

“That’s a hard one. I love all my work. But there is one piece that really move me right now. A picture that gathers that late HM Sultan Qaboos and HM Sultan Haitham is where I left all my feelings at. It is a simple one but to me, it tells the past and future of Oman.”

Not so much interested at involving his thoughts with political issues around him, Abdul though likes to leave a thumbprint in the local issues in the Sultanate.

“I participate annually at works for the national day as I feel it is a social responsibility. Most of my works are a respond to what is being asked from me in the social media,” he said.

“I love to give painting tutorials for children and beginners in general. The happiness I get from teaching others is unlimited. I give them instruction to get familiar with the fundamental of art, to choose their medium (acrylics, oil or watercolors), to decide what to paint first and some other tips”, he clarifies.

“To create a different atmosphere for me and my followers in the social media, I also do some graffiti sometimes, or face painting for kids in different occasions like festivals,” he said.

This desire to spread happiness is a reflection of a beautiful and happy soul of the artist. Abdulraheem is one such example reflecting a fine blend of creativity and humanity.