‘Art Days Forum’ is space for artistes, art lovers to meet

Bait al Zubair’s primary goal has always been to create a space where artistes and lovers of the art can meet to discuss ideas and exchange point of views. Under one ceiling, they’d like to gather all art ideas, provide support to those who need it, and provide artistes the platform to expand the ever growing need of the art industry in the country.
In its latest effort to accomplish this, Bait al Zubair launched ‘Art Days Forum’ which kicked off Monday and includes artworks from 20 Omani artistes and from the prized permanent collection of the art house.
Ripe with different programmes and interactive activities, it includes a commemoration ceremony for Anwar Sonya, one of the pioneers of the Fine Arts Movement in the Sultanate of Oman and has been instrumental in many of the art developments beginning in the seventies.
This commemoration highlights the book written about the artiste by Dr Marwan Imran, Art Advisor at Bait Al Zubair and published by the same art house as well as the introduction of a video that includes testimonials about Anwar Sonya’s and the complexities of his work.
Since its launching, the Art Days also include the opening of the exhibition “Historical Angles” putting on spotlight the works of Omani photographer Fatma Al-Qassabi. This was held Wednesday, April 18 which also marks the World Heritage Day.
Al- Qassabi is one of the Omani photographers who is interested in capturing castles and forts which rooted upon her growing years having hailed from the interior of Oman.
With Islam playing a role in her early developments, she went on to delve deeper into a world of creativity inspired by the beauty of architecture around her. Fatma’s goal of focusing on Omani architecture was to aid efforts of exposing the brilliance of Oman’s unique architecture.
She wishes to show this beauty and uniqueness to the world through the dissemination of the images she took in social networking sites, and by participating in exhibitions, events and competitions.
For the rest of the art days, programme include a specialized Arabic calligraphy workshop held at the ground of Bait Al Zubair headed by Turkish calligrapher Mohammad Ozjay. This is seen as a golden opportunity for Omani calligraphers to benefit from his experience.
Mohammad Ozjay is a prominent calligrapher in our Islamic world and an arbitrator of many calligraphy competitions around the world.
“Desert Melody”, a two-day workshop performed by Omani artiste Salim Sakhi, will train participants in mixing colours while drawing the desert and its components.