Are you drinking your coffee right?

If you’re like Rashid al Jabri or any of his co-workers, coffee is mandatory in his office in the early mornings. From the bitter bean that is powdered and mixed with water, the magical transformation of this delightful morning indulgence not only rejuvenates but prepares one to power through the rest of the day. Just like hundreds of others like Rashid, he finds it hard to imagine functioning without getting his morning coffee first. He shared that drinking a cup not only increases his energy but help him concentrate on his daily tasks.
Drinking coffee is said to have started in Ethiopia in the 15th century. The neighbouring Sufis of Yemen are said to have also indulged with this beverage and both were perhaps the reason why coffee has become a strong cultural part of people in the Middle East.
The funniest story about this stimulating drink happened to a French writer, Voltaire. On some anecdotes, it was reported that he drunk 50-72 cups of coffee a day in his life living until the ripe old of 80 plus. Voltaire was quoted, “I think it must be, for I’ve been drinking it for eighty-five years and am not dead yet.” This can be a good reply to those who claim that coffee is a poisonous beverage.
A study published by the Medical American Association states that there is no relation between coffee and early death. In fact, it’s the opposite, where coffee is said to help prevent one from dying early.
The experiment conducted with people between the age of 38 to 74 years old showed that drinking coffee is a good way of preventing heart diseases. It also shows that it helps decrease cholesterol percentage in blood.
Other experiments, however, have different results. Dr Adam Simon, chief medical officer at, said that caffeine on an empty stomach can wreak havoc with your digestive tract.
Dr Simon also said that coffee also causes dehydration. “It can affect your pulse, causing an irregular heartbeat by putting pressure on the heart and it can adversely affect your blood pressure,” he said.
With all things having their supporters and detractors, even coffee receive both praise and criticism.
But how do you prefer your coffee? Some experts suggested that adding butter or milk to your espresso cup helps your body to consume more vitamins and nutrients in an empty stomach.
Health experts highly encourage to take coffee after eating solid food while others suggest having it about three to two hours after waking up when the body is producing less cortisol. With this information, the best time to drink coffee is in mid-morning or afternoon.

Omaima Al Kindi