Are smoke alarms a must for homes?

MUSCAT, July 18 – Four people were killed when a fire broke out in a house in Nizwa. What proved fatal for inmates of the house was the smoke that they inhaled. They apparently died due to asphyxiation. A smoke alarm could probably have saved their lives. Dawood, a resident, commented on social media saying that the cost of installing a smoke detector is “worth it” to keep the house and residents safe in the event of a fire. “People should install at least one smoke detector at every level of their home and in the hallways that lead to each bedroom,” he has tweeted. Experts have gone one step ahead. They suggest making smoke detectors mandatory in new homes in order to raise fire safety standards in Oman.

“While a smoke detector is often overlooked, it is an important part of keeping your home safe,” says Rashid al Rumhi, a citizen. “Many fire disasters happen at home, especially at night or during early hours when people are asleep.” In most cases of home fires, deaths have been caused due to inhalation of smoke. The gas created by the flames — carbon dioxide — can cause a person to become confused or disoriented. A smoke alarm can alert residents so they can react quickly in the event of a fire. Concerned over an increase in the number of fatalities because of fire incidents at homes, many on social media have urged municipalities not to issue ‘building completion’ permits for new houses without smoke alarms. Fire extinguishers are also important. “Municipalities should inspect houses upon their completion to ensure all safety measures are in place,” said Al Rumhi.

Mai al Abria