Are children vulnerable to Covid-19?

Muscat: While Corona Covid-19 continues to harvest thousands of new cases and hundreds of deaths daily around the world, parents have fears of the possibility of their children being infected with the virus. However, the percentage of Covid-19 cases among children is low compared to adults, suggest some statistics.

Dr Jumana al Abduwani, Head of Child Health Section at the Ministry of Health, said that children cannot be excluded from having Covid-19 as there are several cases under 19 cases reported from around the world. Even in the Sultanate, as announced days back, there is a one-year child who was infected but is now recovered and discharged from the hospital.

About symptoms, Al Abduwani explained that the symptoms of the disease are flu-like symptoms and they are same in children as in adults. “Fever, cough, and trouble breathing are some symptoms. The severity may vary from person to person depending on the immunity of the body, the doctor said.

She further urged parents to adhere to their kids vaccination timetable. “In parallel with the necessity to adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Health to avoid crowded places in order to prevent the spread of the virus, it is also necessary to take vaccinations prescribed for the child while taking the necessary precautions when visiting health establishments.” She advised “not postpone the vaccinations because it may lead to more serious diseases.”

Dr Jumana advised to be careful and take precautions in the home by sterilising door handles and wiping surfaces with disinfectants, as well as caring for personal hygiene by hand washing. “It is important to train children on this issue and educate them about social distancing under this situation so that they get trained to healthy habits and improve their lifestyle,” she emphasided.