Arap Shakshooka


Simply described, Shakshooka is a dish of poached eggs slowly cooked over a sauce of tomatoes, chilli peppers and garlic. Easy to make and flexible when it comes to additives and ingredients, it’s healthy and comforting food to have at any time of the day.
Depending on location, Shakshooka is prepared in different ways with some adding paprika, cumin and fresh garlic.
There are some people who also prefer it spicy so some recipes may include other peppers like cayenne and chillis. For those wanting a delicious base to their meat, the flexibility of this dish also allows the addition of a wide variety of meat.
Before serving the dish, make sure to properly season the eggs with salt. Chopped parsley and cilantro also add not only interesting flavours but also lively colour to the dish.

160 gr Tomato
80 gr Capsicum pepper green
60 gr Tomato paste
60 gr Butter
2 pcs Egg
1 gr Spice salt
2 gr Parsley
1 gr Black pepper granul
1 gr Garlic
1 gr Red pepper chilli flakes
1 gr Black pepper granul
2 gr Parsley
50 gr Butter
Chef Sezgin Gulen grew up in a family who knows how to cook. His mother is one of his major influences but with the whole family critical about good food, his passion grew and grew until he decided to align with culinary and the food industry.
After graduating with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from Anatolian University, Chef Gulen started his culinary career in one of Turkey’s luxurious and historic hotels, the Kempinski Ciragan Palace Turkey in 2004. After working with some of the best chefs in the world, he spent the next five years developing his skills working from demi chef to junior sous chef until becoming an executive sous chef.
His first executive chef post brought him to Russia and it is where he stayed for the next four years working with different high-end restaurants and fast-paced kitchens. He also spent a year in one of Cyprus’ popular hotels before he decided to move to Dubai to work for Q Food Dubai of which he is the Cooperate Executive Chef. Today, Chef Gulen spends his time perfecting different menu for Huqqa. In his current role, he oversees the newly opened Huqqa and The Market — a trendy Turkish eatery known for its contemporary menu and dazzling ambience located at Al Marsa Plaza in Al Mouj.