Arab forum calls for e-way for ease of doing business

The Third Arab Entrepreneurs Forum came out with some valuable recommendations on Wednesday to improve entrepreneurial scenario in the Arab world and boost overall business and economic situation.
The three-day forum was held at Sultan Qaboos Centre for Culture and Entertainment in Salalah. Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Modern Talent Company are joint organisers of the event.
The forum recommended facilitation of a generation capable of dealing with technology and investment, through the inclusion of a subject in the academic and university curricula.
It called for review of laws and legislations related to businesses as per the trend to ensure ease of doing business and boost entrepreneurial temperament. The forum also recommended the need to strengthen the technology and communication infrastructure in the Arab countries, in order to enhance the youth orientation towards the knowledge economy in their projects and small and medium enterprises, and to adapt the procedures and standards of the institutions supervising the sector to suit the requirements of entering the digital economy and its applications.
The forum participants put stress on strong data and called for preparation of a survey strategy for Arab countries to determine the level of their orientation towards the knowledge economy and determine the requirements for upgrading it.
Allocation of annual companies’ share towards corporate social responsibility was highly recommended at the forum as the private sector players were exhorted to support projects related to digital economy. “They should support, train and be part of the process by aligning with institutions wishing to enter the field of the digital economy and help them to frame their ideas and guidance to serve the general economic trends of the state, said the recommendation.”
The recommendations were read out by Sheikha Jawahar bint Khalifa al Khalifa, Honorary President of the Arab Entrepreneurs Forum and a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Youth Business Club.
Meanwhile, some entrepreneurs showcased their products on the sidelines of the forum and explained to the visitors the significance of their projects.
Mohamed Khaled, electronic marketing and electronic commerce expert and consultant, dealt with the electronic commerce explained how to buy and sell through the websites in terms of goods, product and services provided in tourism and services sectors.
He also explained applications used in terms of the diversity of profits across sites experiencing greater use, and profit participation programmes.