Arab expat run over by woman

BARKA: The Royal Oman Police (ROP)  have announced the arrest of a woman over the murder of another Arab expatriate woman who was run-over multiple times, reportedly over an argument.

According to the Directorate General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, both the victim and accused were attending a birthday party at a farm in the Al Rumais area of Barka Wilayat, when an argument ensued between the two.

Following the quarrel, the accused is understood to have stormed out of the venue. She was pursued by the victim who hoped to placate her and convince her to return to the party.

However, still boiling with rage, the accused reportedly ran over the victim with her vehicle several times.  The victim, who suffered multiple fractures and internal bleeding, was later declared dead on arrival at a local hospital.

The alleged killer was arrested before she could go into hiding. Police also detained a number of party guests pending the completion of their investigations.