AQAR launches state-of-the-art Office 1991 building

Al Khonji Real Estate & Development (AQAR) yesterday unveiled its project state-of-the-art building — The Office 1991 — near Muscat Grand Mall & “The Office” in Al Khuwair. Office 1991 building has 166 intelligent office units, which is strategically located near major shopping malls and offers smart office technology solutions for its tenants.
Mohamed bin Abdulla al Khonji (pictured), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Al Khonji Real Estate & Development said even when the Real Estate sector had slowed down a bit the company continued to have their customers because they continued to provide complete solutions because with the offices that range in different sizes. The companies that would be potential clients are expected to be medium sized and above.
The ceremony marked the launch of Office 1991, attended by several businessmen, top-level officials from the real estate sector in Oman gave an insight into the integrated project that has high-level architectural specifications and smart technology to meet the high expectations of tenants who are looking for a state-of-the-art work space. The tenants can control their office remotely using a smartphone.
The new project has 36 meters height with 166 office units. The building consists of 13 floors, including four underground floors. Office 1991 units are distributed in the first eight floors, while the ground floor is allocated for Q-Point Retail Centre.
Al Khonji said that this project was part of an ambitious plan of the company to meet the high expectation of the businessmen with excellence and perfection.
“This project comes after a thorough market study to meet the aspirations and needs of different companies. It is an integrated project and is a milestone in the real estate sector in Oman,” added Al Khonji. The ground level will see the occupation of Q point — a brand that has been conceptualised by the Real Estate Development Company.
Office 1991 is set just few minutes away from Sultan Qaboos Street and Muscat Expressway, and is only ten minutes’ drive from the Muscat International Airport.
The design of the new building, which is equipped with the latest building materials of highest quality, is modern. It also has the latest communication, safety and security systems, energy saving lighting system on the corridors and floors. The building is also equipped with 12 elevators, which makes access to the building very easy. Al Khonji added that Office 1991 offers an ideal work atmosphere for various companies and businessmen.
“As far as the cost of office unit is concerned, it varies in line with the size and starts from RO 64,950. The price is attractive in view of the facilities, specifications and location. We have finance arrangements with several banks in the Sultanate to provide loan to those who plan to own units in this premier project,” added Al Khonji. “We work hard to contribute effectively to the comprehensive development process witnessed by the Sultanate in accordance with the blessed Renaissance.”
The Office is considered as Smart Office with ability to control the settings from anywhere in the world, but Office 1991 is expected to incorporate more technology.
“Since excellence is one of the most important elements of the focus of AQAR, this project was designed as a balanced blend of contemporary and traditional architectural design. The building is equipped with an intelligent communication system, an advanced fire extinguisher and a ventilation system according to international standards. The building will be equipped with packaged air-conditioning. As we help the companies and business owners to work in the best environment, the ground floor will be a Retail Centre (Q-Point). There will be a mini market, restaurants, cafes and other amenities,” noted the AQAR Chairman.
“All indicators confirm that the Omani market is improving and its future is promising. There is a strong growth in demand for office space from the Gulf and international companies in Oman.”
Al Khonji said that AQAR has a special position in the real estate market in the Sultanate. For the last 19 years in the Omani market, the company has been able to offer a variety of projects. The projects witnessed high demand because Aqar believes that reputation is its capital. The company places customers at the top of priority. “We do not offer any project until completing through and careful consideration from various aspects, an understanding of the requirements of the market and the needs of companies and businessmen.
“We aim at fulfilling the ambition and aspiration of buyers for international specifications and The Office 1991 is our pilot project in the market this year. There are several projects that we will announce later and will undoubtedly be a surprise and with specifications that reflect the dreams in realty.” (The interview can be watched @omanobserver facebook page.)