Apply for sale, offers through Sanad centres

Muscat, June 17 – Requests for obtaining licence for sales and special offers have to be made through Sanad Services Centre. According to a statement from Invest Easy, an online portal established to help businesses to interact with the government, the process has already started with effect from June 16, 2019. “Just approach any of Sanad Services starting from Sunday. The request has to be made prior to at least 15 days before starting the sales,” the statement said. No request would be accepted anymore through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or its directorates, it added.
At one point the development in e-governance was considered to have been a challenge for the functioning of Sanad Services Centre. But that is changing as Sanad continues to grow its portfolio of services.
Sanad Services Centres come under Al Raffd Fund and they are small or medium institutions owned by youth of Oman.
They provide a variety of services for the individuals and businesses aided with technology.
They are mainly specialised in confirming and printing the transactions to be read and completed electronically by the concerned governmental authorities. But their role has been growing ensuring continuous business.
According to Al Raffd Fund, “The objectives of Sanad is to participate in providing employment opportunities for the national manpower, supporting the economy through the establishment and development of small enterprises, enhancing the cooperation between the private and the public sector institutions, in addition to supporting the governmental objectives towards e-government.” It is Al Raffd Fund that promulgates laws and governing regulations to the work of Sanad centres.
The fund grants licence for citizens to open Sanad Service Centres, follow up Sanad Service Centres and assist them to overcome their challenges as well as coordinate with the government authorities to render its services in these centres even providing financial support to the centres’ owners when necessary.
Invest Easy is the one-stop shop from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that was introduced to bring in fast and easy means to execute e-services for businesses.
Through the service, businesses can also monitor the status of one’s applications, make public announcements of changes in business capital and submit an annual report.
The portal, ensuring e-governance, has integrated with at least 30 other government entities to share data with them such as Ministry of Heath, the General Authority for Consumer Protection, the Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Higher