Apple rolls out iOS 11 with customisable screenshots

Apple has rolled out the highly anticipated iOS 11 to all supported devices, adding a long list of new feature into iPhones and iPads worldwide.
In iOS 11, when users take a screenshot, the image appears as a picture-in-picture window at the corner of the screen. The image will eventually disappear and save the screenshot in the Photos app. However, if users tap on the image, they will access options of deleting it, sending it through iMessage, or editing it with various tools.
In addition to screenshots, iOS 11 devices will have screen capture capabilities that will allow users to record a video of what is going on in their display.
Apple has redesigned the Control Centre for iOS 11 to make everything fit in one page. Some shortcuts are hidden though, such as the AirDrop and HotSpot icons that are accessible through a deep press on the network icons, and the Night Shift icon on the brightness indicator.
The bigger news, however, is that users will now be allowed to customise their Control Centre. The feature is currently limited to native iOS app and the mobile operating system’s features though.
Apple revamped the App Store for iOS 11, with the obvious changes being the simpler layout and games finally getting their own tab that they might love. Many Apple fans, however, are still angry about the new App Store icon.