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It was a bright and sunny Friday, only today was special – It was holi! I was invited by my Indian friends that lived in the Najila Complex in Ruwi. I don’t think I could actually express or explain what I have in mind when when I think about holi but the festival of holi to me is truly a celebration of happiness. Most Indians both in India and abroad, await the arrival of this festival to play and splash in the brightly coloured powders whilst competing to douse their friends and family.
It is a phenomenon that resonates equally across urban and rural societies but has many variations. Holi, in north Indian cities like Delhi, is often characterized by groups of young men exuberantly tossing powder and water balloons and each other.
In many parts of India, due to the popularity of the festival is often a holiday so everybody can go out and enjoy this colourful frenzy!
Now, a little about the celebrations we had last Friday. I reached the venue at nine in the morning, before anybody else had arrived. We played our music loudly so that the everyone around was made aware of the start of the fest and hoping they would come out of their homes and join the party.
It’s one of those festivals that brings out the child in everyone. The morning of Holi was awaited with much anticipation especially by kids. They squirt coloured water using water guns on their friends and family and almost anyone who was around.You will see the youths drenched in colours and I joined in with the fun. I threw colours to all, danced under water sprinklers, and used water balloons and water guns and all the while, capturing some photographs too.
The start of the festival is marked by the holika bonfire, with people singing and dancing, kicking off the fun festivities that are to follow. By the end of the day, the streets flowed with streams of coloured water as people went back to wash off the colours and go back to their everyday lives.
For two hours, we were filled with energy and I can truly say, I had fun and enjoyed myself. During the madness, we were given sweets and snacks to help us keep going.
It’s a new experience every year. To me, holi is very interesting. It’s one of its kind! Due to a large number of Indians living in Oman; Holi and Diwali have also become popular in the Sultanate.
The date of the festival changes every year so you need to check if you wish to travel to India during Holi.