Antiquity meets modernity in Al Iraqi

IBRI: Al Iraqi town in the Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dhahirah Governorate is situated about 8 km from the centre of the wilayat. It has the features of heritage and modernity.
The town boasts historical and architectural heritage, which is exemplified in the splendour of its old buildings. Al Iraqi Fort, for instance, with its two towers built of plaster and mud and its old neighbourhoods and houses is one among them.
Al Iraqi town, named by ancestors, retains the features of the yesteryear indicating its cultural heritage.
Al Iraqi Fort has received great attention from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. It was restored in 2010 and now it has a new shape. The construction of the fort dates back to pre-Islam. The two towers, which are different from other forts, date back to more than 200 years; one is built of plaster in ten stories and the other is built of mud.
The fort is adjacent to the old Iraqi market, Imam Jabir bin Zaid Mosque and a school for the Holy Quran.
Al Kasaba is one of the features of the fort. It contains houses, rooms and Sibla, named Al Iman Sibla, in addition to another Sibla, named Al Qila Sibla, outside the fort.
Al Iraqi Market (souq), once a famous market in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah, had been frequented by locals, visitors and traders. It had a variety of exhibits, goods and areas for commercial transactions and auctions. It had also separate areas for the sale of sheep, cows and others.
Today, there are only old mud shops in its place. Some of the old shops have been restored and opened for commercial purposes.
With urbanisation of Al Iraqi township, commercial activities have increased. The dualisation of Ibri-Maskan road that passes by the township has been completed, enhancing the beauty of the place and boosting tourism and economic activities. The local people also have contributed, with their own efforts, towards completing a series of service projects in their township. — ONA