Another low-pressure system to bring more rains in Oman

Muscat: Trough of another low-pressure system is expected on Thursday that would have an impact on Musandam Governorate and other governorates in the northern part of Oman.

According to the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Center, Public Authority of Civil Aviation, the weather pattern will continue until March 29.

While the low pressure ‘Al Rahma’ will conclude in Dhofar Governorate on Wednesday evening, the next trough of the low pressure is expected to have its influence on Musandam Governorate in addition to the Hajr Mountains, Dhakhiliya, North Al Batinah and South Al Batinah, Sharqiya, Al Buraimi and Al Dhahira governorates.

“The main effect will be in Musandam Governorate.  As per the weather charts during this low-pressure system expected to last from March 26 till March 29.  There might be some rain in the Muscat Governaorate as well.  Musandam could receive about 106 mm on March 29,” the weather forecaster said.

The Hajr Mountains’ weather conditions will influence Dhakhiliya and Al Sharqiya, North and South Al Batinah along with Al Hajr where the showers will be light to moderate.  The Sea is expected to be calm till March 28 in Musandam East to Muscat but will be rough in Musandam West, and the wave could go as high as two to three meters.