Annual health report 2016: MOH expenditure down 11%

The Ministry of Health has released the annual health report 2016, which highlighted the most important achievements in the sultanate in the health sector as well as the most prominent indicators (sensors).  This year’s report is marked by an executive summary of the future – Health system 2050.

The contents of this report have been arranged in ten chapters, starting with an introduction to the demographic and geographic characteristics of the Sultanate as well as the structure and administrative management of the Ministry of Health and an executive summary of the outlook 2050.

The report subsequently addressed the achievements of the various health areas under the ninth five-year plan as well as a description of morbidity and mortality. Chapter x contains a description of health services provided and provided by others other than the ministry of health as well as data on the private sector. Finally, the report concluded with a glossary of terms and definitions and a summary of the results of the research undertaken.

The expenses of the ministry of health have significantly increased over the years owing to the need to keep pace with the requirements of the population growth and the expansion of the health services in all provinces and the high cost of health care services. The indicated that the total expenditure of the Ministry of health was RO792.9 million during 2016 compared to RO892.2 in 2015, decrease of 11.1 per cent. The development expenses were RO35 million and recurrent expenses more than RO757.9 million. The total expenses of the ministry of health are from total government expenditures around 6.3 per cent.

A new health centre was inaugurated in the dhofar governorate in 2016 as per the expansion plans. Thus, there are 183 health centres and 23 health complexes by the end of 2016, as well as 49 hospitals with 5,034 beds. These institutions provide citizens with health care at all levels and the potential for efficiency and quality.

For Vital Indicators, the infant mortality rate has decreased per 1000 live births to 9.2, as well as the mortality rate under the age of 1000 per 1,000 live births up to 11.7. and the calculation of these indicators is among the indicators of development goals.

The Sultanate has also been polio-free since 1993 and boy since 1991 and from neonatal tetanus since 1991, and the incidence of other infectious diseases has decreased to low levels, and the report contains a lot. Other health indicators showing the development of health services in the country.

Road accidents also constitute a major factor for increasing numbers of injuries, disabilities and deaths in the sultanate. The Statistics of these incidents show that the magnitude of the problem remains significant. Despite the low number of road accidents in 2016, the numbers of injuries and deaths remain high, with the ministry of health receiving 569 deaths prior to arrival, as well as the death of 90 cases of accident injuries. Between the two zombies, deaths due to road accidents are about 8.3 % of all deaths received by health institutions in the sultanate.

The expansion of health services has led to an increase in the use of these services over the years. In 2016, there was an increase in the number of visits by auditors to external clinics, amounting to 15.6 million visits, an increase of 1.5 % compared to last year. The average number of visits to outpatient clinics was 3.5 Approximately 343 patients in hospitals under the ministry of health have been sleep and approximately 3.3 day s’ stay in hospitals and a total employment rate of 63.3 %.

The report also showed the various surgical operations carried out in the ministry of health’s institutions, with total surgical operations in 111.313, including 50.883 major surgical operations by 45.7 % and 60.430 operations. Minor surgery is 54.3 %. Major Surgical operations represent about 115.2 major surgeries per 10000 inhabitants.

The report also contains many statistics on the use of health services such as hypnotic, laboratory, Radiology, dialysis and other.



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