And Now Mozart

Igudesman and Joo performing at ROHM tomorrow

In this highly entertaining show, German-Russian violinist Aleksey Igudesman and British-Korean pianist Hyung-ki Joo engage in all sorts of crazy antics while doing full justice to the music they play  


Presented especially for families, this hilarious concert, ‘And Now Mozart’, brings classical music crashing into the 21st century. In this highly entertaining show, “Igudesman and Joo engage in all sorts of crazy antics while doing full justice to the music they play. The German-Russian violinist, Aleksey Igudesman and British-Korean pianist, Hyung-ki Joo met when they both were students at Yehudi Menuhin’s elite school for gifted young musicians. They were just twelve years old. In that moment Aleksey and Hyung-ki could not have imagined that they would one day take the world by storm as theatrical performers on violin and piano. Igudesman and Joo have become masterful, virtuosic musicians so accomplished that they can play backwards and upside down or while talking, singing or dancing — without missing a beat.
They use theatrical humour to create excitement about classical music and introduce it to contemporary audiences as neither boring nor outdated, but a wonderful, rich and inspirational form of entertainment. Igudesman and Joo have performed with chamber and symphony orchestras on many of the world’s best stages, as well as appearing on television in numerous countries. Their clips on YouTube have gone viral with over 35 million hits to date. Their aim is to make classical music accessible to all and especially to younger generations.

929145In 2004, Igudesman & Joo presented their first big show with the intriguing title, A Lit­tle Night­mare Music. This was the beginning of a spectacular career. Many of the biggest names in clas­si­cal music, including luminaries such as Joshua Bell, have participated in their shows. The New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed with Igudesman & Joo in separate editions of their follow-up production, “BIG Nightmare Music”.
Igudesman & Joo can be seen in sev­eral films, includ­ing their own ‘mock­u­men­tary’, Every­thing You Always Wanted to Know about Clas­si­cal Music. They have also collaborated with actors, such as John Malkovich, and for­mer James Bond actor, Sir Roger Moore, on sev­eral occa­sions in aid of Unicef. They present an education programme, Eight to Eighty-Eight — Musi­c Edu­ca­tion for Chil­dren of All Ages, at uni­ver­si­ties and music schools around the world, inspiring students and giving them confidence. Also performed in aid of Unicef, Igudes­man & Joo with the help of one hundred vio­lin­ists from across the globe, set the world record for the most ‘Danc­ing Vio­lin­ists’ per­form­ing together on stage, at the Vienna Konz­erthaus in 2011.
The two musicians also have individual careers. Aleksey Igudesman is well-known as a composer, actor, comedian and filmmaker. As a composer, Igudesman has written pieces performed by top symphonies. He directed, produced and starred in the feature­-length mockumentary Noseland which won an award at the Doc Miami International Film Festival and has collaborated on other award-winning films. Igudesman also teaches master classes and has a successful string trio called Triology for which he composes and arranges CDs. He performs with violin luminaries such as Joshua Bell, Bobby McFerrin, and Gidon Kremer.
Hyung-ki Joo is a composer as well as a pianist. Early on, Joo won the Grand Prize at the Stravinsky International Piano Competition. He plays with a piano trio that he co-founded and also as a soloist and in chamber ensembles worldwide with renowned orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic and the London Philharmonic. Joo has also performed at the White House. He was chosen by the legendary rock star, Billy Joel to arrange and record the album Fantasies and Delusions, which hit number one on the charts. Hyung-ki Joo has appeared in several films including the wonderful comedy, Pianomania.
Royal Opera House Muscat will present this absolutely delightful family programme on Saturday 18th February at 4.00 pm. For further information and booking consult the ROHM website –