An unforgivable behaviour

It is saddening, rather horrifying to see the reckless and selfish behaviour of some people who break the laws and guidelines issued by the authorities to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Even heart-felt appeals from all the corners have fell on their deaf ears as they simply refuse to change their behavior.

Gathering for marriages, organizing get-togethers, playing cricket and going out even without masks should definitely be seen as inconsiderate actions which need to be handled with iron hands.

Why are these people finding it difficult to act in accordance with the minimal demands of responsibility?  Why are they not standing together while keeping a distance in the combat against the pandemic? Why don’t all acknowledge the fact that this distancing will help them move forward?

I don’t think those who were caught for playing cricket or others who assembled to organize parties lacked basic knowledge or elementary education to understand the perils behind their actions.

The fact is they knowingly ignore the severity of the pandemic — a sin that doesn’t deserve any forgiveness. Any explanation to the hazardous act is not an excuse.

Any one of us could be carrying the coronavirus. We are all distracted and needing to cope with a different daily life now. By going out, we might be unwittingly infecting others.

Personal responsibility is often based on the ability to relate emotionally to other human beings – their hopes and fears, their pain and suffering. It also involves morality.

If helping a person involved in an accident is our moral responsibility, ensuring the safety of others while we are at the wheels is also equally important. The same law applies in the current situation of the pandemic when acts of social commitments like distancing can make a big difference.

It is easy to flout the call for stay at home, social distancing or wearing masks. But if we try to live and guided by our instincts, we will be putting ourselves and others at risk.

Every one of us is having the trouble adjusting to a world in which leaving our own house for frivolous reasons carries the risk of a homicide.

So it is important that we ensure our commitment to protect each other. We are all finding our lives to be more precarious than we previously thought.

And so, as we follow the guidelines and advices, let’s not forget our own humanity and the responsibility we have towards our fellow humans, both individually and collectively.