Ambassador Lyutha to be honoured today

Muscat, Jan 29 – Ambassador Lyutha al Mughairy will be recognised on Wednesday as one of the media pioneers in Oman.
She had assumed the position of Ambassador of Oman to Germany in December 2016.
She was also a Permanent Representative of the Sultanate to the UN. She was a career international civil servant for the UN from 1980 to 2006, serving in various capacities in the political affairs, peacekeeping and information departments.

Today the spotlight is on her as the Ministry of Information is recognising the media pioneers in the country.
She began her career in 1975 by establishing and managing an English language service radio and television programme.
She was just 16 years and a student of American University in Cairo when she was chosen to work for Radio Cairo Overseas programme. “Soon after I graduated, I was approached to start the English service for Oman Radio and Television in the mid-70s. It was a joy of my life to work as Director of Radio and Television English service,” she said.
“At that time, all of us were pioneers and were eager to work for our country. As a woman, I did not feel any discrimination. On the contrary, the men I worked with were very supportive. I was their director and they respected me,” she recollected.
Five years after the radio and television experience, she began her journey with the United Nations.
“During that time, she raised funds to help disabled persons in poor countries. I continued to work in New York for the United Nations Secretariat. I enjoyed travelling around the world and working with different nationalities.” She was appointed as head of the Network of UN Information Centers around the world, with 350 staff members working under her in 64 centres.
“After reaching these positions, I felt it was time for me to go back and use my experience for my country. I was invited to work as Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where my UN experience helped me.” She was appointed by a Royal Decree to go back to New York as Ambassador of the Sultanate to the United Nations in 2011.
During her tenure as Permanent representative of the Sultanate to the UN, she was elected chairperson of the Committee on Information for two years, from 2012 to 2014. She was the first woman and first Arab to be appointed to that position.
“Whenever I am asked if I would change my career, I always say I would never change anything,” said Lyutha.