Always In Our Hearts

Asma Mohammed Al Jadhami –
ON a random day that was actually not random, I woke up before dawn at 4 am due to the noisy wind. It was like the wind awakened me to tell me “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has passed away!” May Allah have mercy upon him.
The news came as a shock to me, my family and to all Omanis and non-Omanis as well. No one could bear a news like this because we were not ready for it at all and even if we were ready, we couldn’t handle it. It supposed to be a random day as I said but it was not!

Asma al Jadhami

The Renaissance builder of modern Oman or let us say the peacemaker or most importantly the father of all Omanis was really the greatest among all and I can say this so proudly.
I cannot imagine Oman without him. History will always witness the magnificent political, economic, educational and social changes and the great achievements he brought to Oman.
However, the older people have lived through these changes and achievements. They saw the difference very clearly between the past and the future. My grandmother once said to me: “You did not see how our lives were before His Majesty came, he really saved us”. She said it with an obvious deep sadness.
Before his rule, there were only three schools in Oman but after he took control of the country, and left us with about 1,148 schools all over Oman.
His Majesty built good relationships with not only among Omanis but among the whole world. His Majesty was blending in with his people, listened to their problems and gave them appropriate solutions. He was too humble and kind. In his era, Oman has transformed to the best and Oman was not a developed country but now it is because of his efforts.
We are grateful for what he did. When almost all countries demand fees for schools, our Sultan Qaboos made our study in school free without any fees which made it easy for everyone to learn, even old people.
He brought peace with him in every step he took. He spread love, kindness and made Oman a peaceful country. He was against rigid rules and reinforced the message of Islam by his actions. He showed us how to live in our community with peace and love. He was so brave, especially when he transformed the dark days into days of enlightenment.
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, did a lot for all Omanis by his wisdom and great government. Simply put, he did all what Omanis wished for. He rebuilt forts and castles to remind us of our great history and to make our heritage immortal to all generations, so that others will see them as cultural symbols of our country.
His Majesty, May Allah rest him in peace, told us once that he will do his best and as fast as he could to make us happy and be satisfied with our lives.
He promised us and he did not break that promise or any other promises. We are happy and satisfied with our lives in this country, Thanks to Allah and to him. I cannot also forget that day when he was sick and travelled to Germany for treatment and returned back and informed not to worry when he read his speech to us!
I was at school and suddenly we heard his voice! It was a big relief that he was good, and the treatment went well. However, after that, day-by-day, year-after-year, we heard that he was too sick.
We prayed to Allah a lot so he can be fine but he is gone. He will always be in our hearts for ever.
Asma Mohammed al Jadhami is a 21-year-old student, and one of 21 siblings. She lives with her parents Mohammed and Sharifa and wants to inspire the love of English language and learning among future generations of young Omanis.