All for Oman from the bottom of the heart

There is much talk about the ‘Kull Oman’ or ‘All of Oman’ initiative of Oman Vision 2040. This initiative is being implemented by the office of the Vision 2040. It is meant to conduct a survey to know the ideas and concepts of people needed to be taken into account. It should be seen as a reality in the Sultanate after more than 20 years as part of the vision.
This initiative is important for all of us. It needs our active participation. We know very well that these visions, strategies and plannings are not new for the country. It is important to work on them and build upon whatever has already been achieved.
The foundations for development in the country were laid on these ideas since the beginning of the blessed Renaissance in the country.
For the development of the country, everything was planned accurately and precisely. This approach in the developmental aspirations and ambitions are not new. It is deeply rooted in the very idea of development.
Vision and planning are always lauded regardless of the ratio of their implementation and whatever are the mistakes.
Now the Oman Vision 2040 is being implemented to complement a series of achievements the country has made in the area of development projects. It is also further building upon what it has already achieved. For this purpose, this integrated vision was brought. It is aimed at taking Oman to new horizons of looking forward to a brighter future.
It is also considering the rapid technological developments across the world, which has become the means of development and progress. This is why the opinion of society is being taken to increase the role of citizens in building the future of his country. His ideas and recommendations would be taken into account whenever such long-term strategies would be made and would be reviewed year after year. This should be appreciated and valued.
Unfortunately, there are certain meandering voices which reject all efforts made for this great nation and its sons. They deliberately want to damage whatever achievements have been made to build on this country. They question every new step taken and new things introduced. They spread negativism in society. These voices should not be allowed to disturb the nation and deviate the course it has taken for its overall development.
Oman Vision 2040 will always be there as a lamp-post and inspiration for whatever we plan and make development programmes for this country. This will always be a point from where we can see the horizons of our future. We should learn from our experience. This is important to compensate whatever we have lost.
The noble objectives and high goals for development and progress will always remain before us. The stray voices of negativism will never be able to distract us from our efforts to reach the ultimate goal.
Of course, there are challenges and difficulties in the way of our efforts. No work is complete without some defects and shortcomings. Therefore, we must overcome all our failures with extra will and more determination and open wider horizons for a better future.
We hope the Oman Vision 2040 will be successful and that the initiative of ‘Kull Oman’ will prove to be for all of the country. There will be active participation of people in giving ideas and recommendations for the efforts that have to be made to make the vision a reflection of everybody’s aspirations and ensure sustainable development which already has the support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos since the blessed Renaissance.