Alarming rise in cases related to travel: SC

Muscat: The Supreme Committee said that the current data reveals an alarming rise of travel-associated cases, with the spread of the pandemic in countries of departure, and the lack of data on its new strains in other countries.

“The data suggest that cases of the new mutated strains, including the South African, have been detected in laboratory diagnostics, which is an indication of outbreaks in different locations in the Sultanate,”

Within its continuous sessions held to evaluate the developments of Covid-19 in the Sultanate, the SC reviewed the epidemiological situation of the pandemic at the international level, in which many countries are witnessing a sharp rise in the number of cases and deaths, some due to the presence of rapidly spreading mutations.

The analysis of the local epidemiological situation has shown an increase of inpatients admitted to hospitals all over the Sultanate, exceeding the severity index, and has negatively impacted the national level, which has also exceeded a level of dangerousness.

The Ministry of Health last week issued a statement asking residents and citizens to reconsider travel plans.

Ministry of Health urged citizens and residents to refrain from non-essential travel, especially to those countries where the new variants of Covid-19 are widely reported.