Alara Resources updates Al Hadeetha licence issue

Business Reporter  –
Muscat, APRIL 19 –
Australian-based minerals exploration company Alara Resources Limited says it has received no-objections from the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) with regard to its Al Hadeetha mining licence application. Letters to this effect have been forwarded to the Public Authority for Mining (PAM), it stated in a press release.
The Public Authority for Mining (PAM) has confirmed receipt of a no objection letter from the Ministry of Tourism acknowledging the park enhancement plan submitted early last month, with no further queries being raised on this issue.
The Company is also advised that the Ministry of Environment has sent a letter of no objection to PAM and the Company anticipates receiving confirmation of the same from PAM this week, the Perth-based firm noted.
In parallel with licencing activities, enhancements to Al Hadeetha Copper Project are continuing.
The Company is discussing a potential Public Private Partnership (‘PPP’) with Haya Water for the sourcing of wastewater, as well as the lease of land for construction of a sewage treatment plant 25 km from the Al Hadeetha project site.
This PPP offers the following benefits: 1) reduced construction time for the water pipeline; 2) trucking water becomes a more attractive contingency option; and 3) positive Corporate Social Responsibility impact, Alara Resources added.