Al Wusta ready for Shura polls

Muscat, August 27 – Preparations carried out by citizens of Al Wusta governorate for Shura elections are going on following the announcement of candidates final list. People will elect one member for each Haima, Al Duqm, Al Jazer and Mahout. The final lists of Al Wusta includes 41 candidates with 11 members in Haima, 10 in Al Duqm, 11 in Al Jazer and nine in Mahout. In a show named “Shura is Your Voice” and aired on channels of Oman TV and Radio, Shaikh Suhail Muhad al Ma’shani, Wali of Haima, said, “the governorate is entirely ready for the elections, noting that the shura march has gradually turned into a culture in Oman.” He added that the governorate has four polling centres with one centre in each wilayat.

These buildings have been selected due to its closeness to neighbourhoods and villages, which make them easily reachable. “There is noticeable increase of voters and strong presence of woman’s participation in the electoral roll”, he added. Al Ma’shani called on citizens to cast their voices and practice their electoral right. Dr Salim Salman al Shukaili, Legal Adviser at Shura Council, noted that Shura candidates have begun their campaigning through social media platforms by posting their CVs, practical experiences and visions. Meanwhile, the candidates are governed by certain procedures before conducting their electoral advertisements.

He affirmed that voters are owners of their decisions and voices. They should take note maintain the balance between the nation’s interest and the wilayat’s interest before casting vote. The voter should choose the highly-qualified candidates irrespective of social status. In the wake of rapid economic growth that the country is witnessing, a good candidate has to be nominated so that he or she can perform his legislative role fruitfully.