Al Takween meeting to host Dr Zakaria al Mahrami

MUSCAT: Al Takween meeting will host Dr Zakaria Al Mahrami on Wednesday in an open dialogue session, during which he will sign his two books “The Sultan’s Speeches” and “Sacred Poetry: The Identity and Discourse Crisis”, released by Dar al Ghasham Publication and Advertising at Dar al Ghasham Library in Ghala. In the book (The Sultan’s Speeches), the author has compiled a collection of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s speeches about thirty-three very important subjects. The author’s effort in the book is to highlight several important strategic themes that reflect His Majesty’s thinking and deep insight through his selection of specific words of those speeches delivered on different national occasions, the author chose them and grouped them together side by side to the theme they talk about. Dr Zakaria bin Khalifa al Mahrami is a physician and researcher in Arab thought, whose works include “Resuming History”, “Controversy of the Novel” and “The Eternal Conflict” in addition to many studies published in medical journals and political articles in the Arab and international press. — ONA