Al Salam make strong start in Arab volleyball in Cairo

Oman’s Seeb and Al Salam volleyball teams are representing the Sultanate at the Arab Volleyball Championship which is underway in Cairo city in Egypt until February 25. Batinah team Al Salam are clubbed in third group with Gas Janoob team (Iraq), Wadi Moosa (Jordan), Al Zamalik (Egypt) and Bani Yass (UAE), while Seeb are placed in first group with Asaria team (Libya), Khaybel team (Yemen) and Al Ahli (Egypt).

Al Salam will meet Wadi Moosa team (Jordan) in their second match on Friday after they registered a strong start in the inaugural game to win 3-2 against with Gas Janoob (Iraq) on Wednesday. Al Salam’s Tunisian head coach Haitham al Waslati will hope the players continue the winning ways and qualify to the next round. The Batinah team will look to claim podium and top place in their fourth participation. The best participation of the team was in Bahrain as they had finished in fourth place.
Al Salam had arrived to Cairo prior the tournament and they held an external camp which featured many preparatory matches. They played against a team from Libya (Hilal Banghazi) and won the game 3-0 (25-16, 25-16, 25-21). The team is equipped with two international players including Flieraz from Bulgaria and Renzo from Colombia besides to the domestic players including Khalid al Muqbali, Ali al Ressi, Ibrahim al Mazini and other players.
Oman’s other representative, Seeb, suffered a 1-3 loss against hosts Al Ahli of Egypt in the opening match while they play against Khaybel team from Yemen on Thursday. The next match of the Muscat team will be on Sunday against Asaria team (Libya). Seeb had delivered a top performance in the last season (2018-19) as they clinched both the Ministry’s Volleyball Shield Championship and the Oman Volleyball Association (OVA) First Division League title.