Al Mughsail is the worst hit

SALALAH: Al Mughsail area was one of the worst-hit by Cyclone Mekunu in Dhofar Governorate. A team of reporters and photographers from Oman Arabic, sister publication of the Observer, has finally managed to reach the area after their attempts went in vain for a couple of days. The bridge linking Al Mughsail to Sarfait was totally damaged by the storm thus rendering the wilayats of Rakhyout and Dhalkout and Sarfait area inaccessible. The cyclone has left an 800-metre rift on the ground and damaged several sections of the road thus disrupting traffic on the road leading to Al Mughsail. The powerful torrents caused lot of cracks and holes along the old road besides huge damage to the whole infrastructure.

Heaps of debris washed away by floods have blocked the small viaducts which are not designed to withstand such a mighty deluge. Electricity, water and telecom services in Al Mughsail also had their share of the damage with many power lines and telecom towers uprooted causing disruption in telecom service in several areas. Besides electricity and water disruptions, some parts of Al Mughsail, Sarfait and Rakhyout experienced water shortage as the main pipelines burst due to powerful pressure.