Al Mamari artworks on show at Bait al Zubair

The ‘kuma’ serves as a distinguishing feature in the Omani traditional costume for its workmanship, and the skill involved in its hand-sewing that gives an aesthetic touch. Ali al Mamari, a renowned Omani artist, embedded this concept in all his works of art to express the value of modesty and to reflect the pride of the people of Oman.

On October 31, Ali al Mamari’s exhibition entitled, ‘Stories’ opened at Bait Al Zubair under the auspices of Dr Said bin Hamed bin Said al Rubaii, Secretary-General of the Education Council.
The artworks showing bright coloured images of ‘kuma’ were used to reveal the different aspects of the Omani heritage such as music and the traditional life in the Sultanate.
The application of ‘kuma’ in Ali al Mamari’s art symbolises comfort and tradition which are also the factors that make ‘kuma’ distinctive among the traditional head covers in the GCC.
The ‘Stories’ exhibition in displayed at Bait Al Oud in Bait Al Zubair until November 14 from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Sundays to Thursdays.