Al Jisr conducts local, international charity outreach programmes

Al Jisr Foundation, a non-profit charitable Zakat Fund organisation, conducted different local and international programmes benefitting numerous households during the holy month of Ramadhan. At the local level, the programmes include meat distribution in remote areas of the Sultanate, putting up Iftar tents in Seeb/Mabela where more than 600 people break their fast daily and partnering with the Oman Women Association Al Seeb in the free charity Ramadhan exhibition for low income families.

At the international level, Al Jisr has expanded its Ramadhan activities to the African Continent. The organisation handed Ramadhan kits comprised of cooking oil, flour, beans, meat, sugar and rice in the Republic of Burundi were more than 500 families in three different governorates served as beneficiaries. The organisation also provided lessons on hygiene, self-dependency, joy of giving, prayer (Salat), community co-operation and about fasting and its importance.
The programmes were held successfully under the leadership of Al Jisr Foundation General Manager Ahmed Al Harthy. The events enjoyed the support of volunteers including those coming from the youth sector that the organisation sees as an important partner in future charity events.
Al Jisr Foundation operates independently with no political or governmental affiliations with the sole purpose of serving the underprivileged people of the society as mentioned in the Holy Quran “Surat Al Touba Verse no 60.’’
Established on November 14, 2010 under the Ministry of Social Development rule number 127/2010, in accordance with the provisions of the NGO Law No. 14/2000, Al Jisr Foundation provides opportunities for a better lifestyle through its core charity programmes such as housing, medical, social empowerment, home appliances, fresh graduates programmes and other national, regional and international charity initiatives.