Al Ashkharah a perfect getaway during summer

JAALAN BANI BU ALI: The Niyabat of Al Ashkharah, a tourist destination known for its cool weather and scenic beauty, witnesses a remarkable influx of tourists from within and outside the Sultanate during June-September every year, when light clouds are formed and temperatures fall to 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. Al Ashkharah is frequented by people who have a fascination for nature, beaches and sand dunes. As one comes close to the unique destination, a sudden drop in temperature can be felt.
Fayel bin Ali al Rashdi, a local resident, says: “Al Ashkharah is visited during summer by hundreds of visitors daily. It is thronged by tourists during vacations and holidays. They find the beach a perfect location to sit, relax and have fun. Some lie down on the sand and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Hotels and restrooms are also available.” In an interview with Oman News Agency, Al Rashdi said that tourists choose to visit Al Ashkharah again not only because of its natural attractions, but also thanks to its proximity to the Governorate of Muscat, which is 350 kilometres away.
It can be reached from three sides: the road of Jaalan Bani Bu Ali from the west, the Asila Ras Al Hadd road from the north and the Al Ashkharah road from the south. On the way to their favourite destination, visitors can enjoy the beauty of villages along the coastline of the Arabian Sea. Also, they have several options for choosing a suitable location for camping in Al Ashkharah — on the beach or sand dunes or next to the sea fishing harbour. Some fishermen take tourists and their families on a short boating trip, especially when the sea is calm.
There are facilities for windsurfing as Al Ashkharah has several khours (bays), the famous ones being Khour Omar and Khour Aweijah. Al Ashkharah, which exports different types of Omani fish, is also home for sea turtles. Traditional industries such as textiles, old shipbuilding and various crafts also thrive in Al Ashkharah. Some people practise traditional crafts and build large fishing boats as well as their models which are presented as gifts and souvenirs. The coastal areas along the Arabian Sea such as Al Khawemah, Al Jafan, Sarg, Aurab, Asila, New Bandar, Al Suweih, Al Rowais, Al Hadda, Ras Al Khabah and Al Dafah are the other attractions. — ONA