Al Afiya ideal for mountain climbers

Samayil: Al Afiya village, one of the villages of Wadi Bani Rawaha in the Wilayat of Samayil, Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah, is surrounded by mountains on all sides, making it an ideal destination for mountain climbers. The village was formerly known as Al Hama. The village’s name was changed into Al Afiya to reflect its beautiful nature. About 400 citizens live in Al Afiya village.
One of the most important tourist attractions in the village is Wadi Al Assi. During rains, water from the mountains flood Wadi Al Assi and Al Mesqah. Many tourists flock to the valley to spend time in the shade of trees overlooking the sides of the valley and see the water falling from the rocks.
The village is surrounded by an old wall that has been destroyed due to climatic factors. It connects three gates. Inside it, there are a number of old houses called “Al Hujrah,” which were inhabited by the residents of the village, who numbered no more than 30 citizens. The houses were destroyed, but their remains are still present today. The village still has a tall tower that tells the past and present of the village, as well as the life of the Omani citizen over the past years.
Yousef bin Sarhan al Hashami, a resident of the village, said: “Although the village of Al Afiya is in mountainous area and is located under the foot of a mountain, it is characterised by the cultivation of all kinds of dates, lemons, oranges and mangos.”
Most villagers raise cattle, gather honey and harvest thyme and wild berries from the mountains surrounding the village. Such products are sold in the wilaya market and neighbouring markets.
Al Afiya village is linked by mountain roads, one of which leads to the village of “Al Manakhar” in Jabal Al Akhdhar, about 6 hours walking through a series of mountains. It is also linked by a shortcut mountain road to the village “Hadash” in Wadi Mastal, one of the villages in the Wilayat of Nakhal. It can be reached in 4 hours on foot. — ONA