Airport opening to be delayed; talks on to open Oman-UAE border

Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, Member of the Supreme Committee, said on Thursday that resuming domestic flights will be delayed due to the lockdown imposed in Dhofar and Duqm.

He said the Supreme Committee has been exercising caution with the opening of the aviation sector due to epidemiological developments.

He added that all requirements and protocols for the operation of flights and airports have been completed and here is a willingness among various countries to launch integrated recovery plans for the aviation sector.

He said the decision to open international air traffic is still under discussion, and that the closure of Dhofar and Duqm governorates will delay the opening of airports.

Not only for Sultanate, even globally there is a caution towards opening international flights, and there are no regular flights even in the regional countries, and most flights are exceptional unscheduled.

Countries are still closing their space to air traffic, and the decision to reopen flights is still under discussion by the supreme committee.

The Minister of Transport said it is important to react quickly to changing situations, rather than making decisions, and then withdrawing it.

With regard to the borders with the UAE, land borders require coordination between the two countries, there is a facilitation process of groups whose work requires movement between the two countries, mechanisms for applications to cross the borders, and coordination continues. There are also talks to fully open the borders.