Airline’s extra fee for carrying TVs to Lanka

Muscat, Sept 20  –
If you are carrying LED/ LCD TVs while travelling to Sri Lanka from Oman on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight, you need to pay additional charges depending on the size of the same.
Any branded LCD/LED TV above 56 inches to the capital city of Colombo will be charged RO 10 as “handling charges”, while anything below 56 inches will be exempted, according to the airlines’ country office.
“This is an extension of the carriage facilitation for all those who want to carry LCD/LED TVs,” said Sharuka Wickrama Adittiya, Country Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines.
Carrying any LED/LCD TVs below the size of 43 inches beyond Colombo is allowed without charges, while any TV above 43 inches to any city other than Colombo will attract handling charges of RO 10. However, the size should be limited to 55 inches.
“Earlier, we did not have a clear policy for electronic goods, including TVs. Now, we are making the carriage terms and conditions clearer for passengers,” said Sharuka.
He said passengers need to sign an indemnity form that says “the airline will not be held responsible for any claim made in reference to any damage caused to the LCD/ LED TVs they are carrying to Sri Lanka”.
“The airlines will not take up any responsibility in the event of damage or malfunctioning of the TV they are carrying to Sri Lanka.”