Ain Razat – the natural spring that lures visitors

Salalah: The Dhofar Governorate has a collection of natural springs some of which are perennial while others are seasonal and come into action during the monsoon season.

The one such spring that is popular with visitors to Salalah throughout the year is Ain Razat. It is one of the main sources of water in Salalah today. Ain Razat continues its prominent role providing water for farms and flows through the falaj, but is a delight with the tourists visiting the wilaya for Salalah Tourism Festival 2019.

One can watch the water falling through small streams out of the mountain at the foothills and join the pool. The clear water is home to fish as well. Ain Razat has another unique feature compared to other springs – water lilies.

The white and magenta water lilies add to the serenity of the ambience. Another attraction of Ain Razat is its cave which would have been very difficult to have an access to during the monsoon as the ground becomes slippery, but the Dhofar Municipality has built steps to the cave. Once there one can enjoy the view of Ain Razat’s surroundings.

Almost 25 minutes drive from Salalah city, families arrive by 10 am with their mats to begin their picnic. Ammar al Kindy who has come to Salalah for holidays said, “The weather in Salalah is beautiful. Ain Razat has the water and you can see everyone gets excited. Food is available here too and rides for children.”

All together Ain Razat is a place where one can spend at least half a day and an important itinerary in the list of tourist guides. Ain Razat also has a fenced garden. As khareef gains momentum the mountain turns greener and the water level goes higher.

While the Municipality staff continues to monitor the cleanliness of Ain Razat and its surroundings, visitors can be further cautious by not leaving behind plastic or other waste behind. The monsoon would bring in many birds due to the presence of water.