Aiming for sustainable development plan 2030

Many countries from around the world participated in the 57th session of the Social Development Council of the United Nations held in New York City recently. These activities were part of the major event being prepared for a summit of head of states and governments in September to review the progress made in implementation of this plan. The meet will also be preceded by a high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on May 14 to discuss issues of comprehensive development, including poverty, employment and inequality.
The aim is to eradicate poverty in the world and ensure no one suffers from poverty and hunger by providing them employment and addressing other economic and social issues.
It also aims at creating more jobs, wage increases and social protection.
These are some of the goals through which the 2030 Development Plan can be achieved. According to the United Nations reports, labor issues are a concern for many countries.
Although the world is making slow progress in reducing unemployment rates, improving working conditions and increasing job opportunities remain the biggest challenge for many countries.
The International Labour Organisation’s World Employment and Social Outlook, ‘Trends for 2019’ shows a majority of the 3.3 billion people in the labor market in 2018 continued to have a “less secure sense of insecurity” in their lives.
The progress in reducing unemployment worldwide must be reflected in improved quality of work and decent working conditions as well.
In this regard, the research director of the organization says the concern lies in the lack of opportunities.
Out of the 3.3 billion people who work, many face a sense of insecurity about their future income. They are employed under contracts that do not suit them. They are waiting for an opportunity for a permanent or full-time job.
The main ways of facing these challenges lie in addressing the poverty issues as well as providing opportunities for those lacking access to contributing to the development process.
People need to give opportunities for the poor as they are suffering due to the policies and unjust laws adopted by some countries, including developed nations. Pathetic conditions have been faced by people in many Arab countries as well.
They have to pay equal wages to all, provide food security, quality education, healthcare and adequate social protection.
The environmental issues are increasing the difficulties and risks facing the world. These issues include the effects of climate change, natural disasters, violence, conflict and displacement, which will hamper development in countries.
The United Nations reports warn of major shortcomings in provision of “decent work”. Failure to do so means moving away from the goals of Plan 2030.
The organisation’s new mission calls for moving with the technological progress experienced worldwide, which carries with it a lot of hopes and fears about the future of work.
The three pillars — employers, workers and governments — need to open the doors for work in order to achieve justice social development for all. It is one of the key pillars of achieving the 17 sustainable development goals of 2030.