Ahmed al Wahibi achieves ‘hole in one’

MUSCAT: All golfers dream of ‘hole in one’ and many players never achieve it, but thirteen-year-old national junior team golfer Ahmed al Wahibi achieved the rare feet of hole in one at Ghala Golf club during a social event with his playing partners Yahaya Babood and Saleem Zawawi.
Ahmed hit seven iron on the 145 — yard hole to achieve the distinction and was thrilled at his achievement. “This is day to remember forever in my life” he said.
“We were not sure about it until we got closer to the green. It was an amazing achievement for the young lad,” said Saleem Zawawi, another keen golfer in Muscat. Khalil Salim Nasser Wahibi, who is the board member at Ghala Golf Club, always ensures that Ahmed plays the game the right way.
Ahmed took up golf four years ago, he is coached by Milo Bretenwisher, a professional golf coach at Ghala club and has won numerous awards in junior level. He represented Oman in GCC junior level in under 15 age group in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. He also won 2018 Oman LNG sponsored Junior title and Assarain Junior tournament earlier this year. Ahmed was member of national team that won gold at the GCC Junior Championship Oman early this year.
OGC Chairman Mundir Al Barwani said, “Ahmed is clearly a promising golf talent. He has the potential to be an excellent player. He is very enthusiastic and has a great attitude for one so young. With the grass root level training and dedication, hopefully coming years we see him in all levels competitions.” Ahmed also has been coached by international coach Rick Valentine from St Andrews, Scotland.
Ahmed, currently plays with handicap of 9. His role model in golf is Tiger Wood and he said “I want to become a golfer once I leave school.”