Agreement signed to establish clay innovative industries

Muscat: The Industrial Innovation Centre (IIC) signed an ‎agreement with Al Mudar Al Ahlia ‎Foundation to establish an innovation unit ‎to promote and invest in the clay innovative industries ‎sector of the Sultanate.

It is ‎aimed at supporting entrepreneurs from ‎among craftsmen and developing traditional ‎crafts in line with the requirements of ‎the times. This will help in the promotion of ‎crafts in the country.‎

The agreement is meant for equipping and operating the clay innovative industries. The Industrial Innovation Centre will ‎finance the project. The Al Mudar Al Ahlia ‎Foundation will supervise the unit and ‎support the craftsmen and entrepreneurs ‎who want to make craft products through ‎the production lines which will be ‎provided by the unit.‎

On behalf of the Industrial Innovation ‎Centre, Dr Abdullah bin Mohammad al ‎Mahrouqi signed the ‎agreement with Chief Executive Officer ‎of Al Mudar Al Ahlia ‎Foundation, Youssuf bin Abdullah al Jahwari. ‎

The first phase includes financing the ‎innovation project at Al Mudar Al Ahlia ‎Foundation and coordinating with the authorities concerned to provide Omani ‎clay for the purpose of research and ‎development, providing available research, ‎contributing to innovations meant for ‎development of joint products with added ‎value, research and development for ‎suitability of using Omani white clay on ‎pottery products and submitting periodic ‎reports in cooperation with the centre. ‎This is in addition to the expansion of Al ‎Mudar Al Ahlia Foundation to increase ‎production capacity and meet the growing ‎demands, undertake construction and civil ‎expansion works, as well as the operation and ‎management of the institution and ‎marketing products in a manner that achieves financial returns for both sides.‎

The second phase includes financing the ‎setting up of the unit for clay innovative industries under the umbrella of the unit for ‎innovation in minerals and mining of the ‎centre. This section will specialize in ‎pottery products. Therefore, the unit will ‎have a management room, display of ‎products and consumable items, an ‎educational laboratory, a laboratory for ‎development and designing, a modelling ‎laboratory, a mini production lines unit ‎and a storage facility for raw materials. ‎

The cost will be determined on the basis ‎of the outcome of the feasibility study, ‎recommendation of the supervisory ‎committee, preparation of an appendix to ‎this agreement to include the cost of ‎financing of the second phase, and the ‎method of payment and the time frame etc. ‎Soon after receiving feasibility study, ‎the space for the purpose will be made ‎available to ensure the production and ‎administration rights. The foundation will ‎help in the feasibility study process and its recommendations.

Al Mudar Al Ahlia Foundation is committed ‎to supervise the setting up of the unit ‎for clay innovative industries, and training ‎programs and workshops for entrepreneurs. ‎It will also adopt Omani craftsmen and ‎entrepreneurs who want to resell and ‎utilise production lines to establish ‎their own start-up companies in the ‎clay innovative industry. This is in addition to ‎managing and operating the innovation ‎section and providing manpower to operate ‎equipment in a manner that they will be ‎responsible for all direct and indirect ‎costs related to workers. It also involves ‎preparation of a feasibility study with ‎the help of the centre to establish the ‎unit under the umbrella of the unit of ‎innovation in minerals and mining of the ‎centre, and innovation in cooperation with ‎the centre to achieve financial returns to ‎ensure sustainability and profitability of ‎the project and its growth. –ONA

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