Affection in marriage matters

Shared Thoughts – Nizar al Musalmy – – The other day, as I returned home from work, the mother of junior met me at the front door complaining that she does not understand men. This came about after I missed to recall that our wedding anniversary was on the same day. “Even when great opportunities arise to express your love, you men still miss out,” she declared, and continued to say that occasions like our anniversary, her birthday, the kids’ birthdays, Mother’s Day, are great opportunities to express one’s love. Why can’t men utilize such opportunities? She asked with her eyes rolling.
Every woman wants to be heard. Be available and she should be given full attention.
She explained that men should understand that women need to know that their husbands think highly of them. She urges husbands to appreciate the things women do.
“Commend her new hair style or dress. Take her out on a date. Women love to be greeted and hugged. Learn to hold your wife’s hand in public!” The lady of the house narrated explicitly.
A husband needs to take a step beyond care and love. The relationship between a man and woman in marriage needs to go deeper into realm of tender expressions. It’s one that results in feelings of closeness, passion, and security. As a husband, you should appreciate what your wife needs and meet those needs in a way she can understand.
Men need to understand their women’s realistic expectations. If there is a special man in a woman’s life, she obviously can’t wait for the treat he has in store for her.
Men need to learn how to dine with their wives, buy her a gift and be nice and tender to her. Show her the true love.
Men need to be innovative when it comes to treating their wives. A wife would like her husband to walk with her, side by side/shoulder to shoulder, in public. That would show that he cares for her.
Although men are around their wives physically, most women seem emotionally detached most of the time. He is either too busy watching football or thinking of his office or his finance. A man needs to find quality time with his woman.
Without any prejudice, I tend to agree that, generally speaking, men and romance don’t mix easily. A number of cultures prohibit men from showing affection. It is not considered a manly thing. It is also a fact that some men feel their types of affection efforts are not appreciated however much they try. While this may be true, affection in any relationship is crucial. It can be a spark that ignites a healthy and romantic relationship. It brings the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation. Affection creates an environment of understanding each other and giving each other respect and consideration.
Affection is a powerful force in accomplishing anything you set your mind to. Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives.