Academic advising symposium in Nov

Rustaq, Sept 30 – The National Academic Advising Symposium will be organised by the English Language and Literature Department of Rustaq College of Education on November 21 and 22.
A first of its kind, the symposium is aimed at “creating a standard definition” for academic advising and applying it in the higher education institutions in the Sultanate.
It is a time for exchanging latest experiences in the field of academic advising in institutions of higher education across the globe.
To be attended by several international speakers, it will create chances for sharing experiences of different academic institutions inside Oman. The symposium will discuss a number of academic issues that have an effect on students’ academic journey, including academic probation. It will discuss how to guide students on most appropriate choices in regard to their academic abilities, besides teaching language skills to those with poor educational achievements.
It is expected to see academics and researchers in the field of academic advising.

Badriya Mohammed al Balushi