Aadhaar is safe, secure: IT minister

NEW DELHI: Emphasising that Aadhaar is completely “safe, secure and robust”, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday slammed the opposition for trying to paint it as a “tragedy” to the country.
Replying to a short duration discussion in the Rajya Sabha on Aadhaars’ implementation and implications, he sought to allay the opposition’s fears that biometric and demographic data collected for Aadhaar could be leaked and misused.
“I want to dispel all misconceptions (about Aadhaar). Aadhaar is robust, safe, secure and totally accountable,” Prasad said.
He also said that “the world is appreciating it and something which is giving result needs to be respected”.
“Members have raised the issue of privacy. Are we invading privacy under Aadhaar law? No. A categorical no,” Prasad said.
He said the biometric and demographic data collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to give a unique identification number to a citizen was completely safe and there were enough safeguards against the misuse of this data.
“The policy is ‘minimum information, no profiling’. For instance if a bank asks for the information about a potential customer, it would be provided just the limited information for its consumption,” he noted. — IANS