A unique piece of portrait of His Majesty

MUSCAT, NOV 17 – He’s gone from Oman but his love for the country remained unaltered. And what more he can do to show his love to the country than making a matchless piece of art where he designed His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’s unique portrait with magazine and newspaper cuttings. Ajay Kumar, an interior designer by profession, used thousands of tiny pieces of paper to make an image of His Majesty on a huge canvas. “I made this piece of art as a token of thanks and appreciation to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for his wise leadership and great friendship with India and its people,” an excited Ajay Kumar told the Observer from his home town in the Indian state Kerala. It took nearly eight months of relentless efforts and 250 magazines, and of course, an undying passion, to make a collage of His Majesty.

Huge Image
Hundreds of visitors are taking a glance of this unique piece and posing for photos with this huge image, which is on display at Panorama Mall in Muscat to mark the 49th National Day.
“This initiative by Ajay Kumar is a marvellous piece of art and we wanted to give it the due respect hence we are sharing the same with our guests,” Aruna Tavarkhed, Marketing Manager of Panorama Mall told the Observer.
Ajay Kumar left Oman for India to pursue his career in interior designing leaving the masterpiece art with Rekha and Premraj, two of Ajay Kumar’s friends here.
Years later, learning Ajay Kumar’s present hardships in life, the duo decided to display the work in public so that his work can get noticed by art aficionados. “We don’t want such a rare and unique piece of art go unnoticed. And we approached Panorama Mall who wholeheartedly welcomed the idea,” Rekha and Premraj said.
Asked Ajay what daunting challenges he had to face during the making of the work, Ajay said it was greatly difficult to find the exact colour to add to the collage.
“Sometimes it took hours to find the right shade,” he said.