A trustworthy facilitator and a firm believer of peace

MUSCAT, JAN 14 – An article on the European Union Parliament magazine paid tribute to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in recognition of the blessed renaissance. Written by Nooh bin Mohammed al Busaidi, Member of the State Council, the detailed article on the Sultanate and the efforts of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in modernising and promoting peace and stability are in focus and has already been well received by the readers. “This article spread over five pages on the EU-Oman Parliament special supplement attempts to answer the question ‘Why Oman?’ in various fronts of life,” said Nooh al Busaidi.
Available online at: https://www.theparliamentmagazine.eu/articles/magazines/eu-oman-special-supplement, the finely-elucidated journalistic piece points out that the Omani success is a recipe of many ingredients, and it all starts with the main substance, which is the ‘leadership’.
“The leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has undoubtedly been the inspiring and visionary guidance to Omani achievements. Since he came to power in 1970 his policy remained steadfast in promoting social harmony and religious tolerance. His first priorities were harmonising the society via soft practices aimed at the alleviation of tribalism, outmoded social beliefs and injecting measured doses of modernisation. Gradually the society was able to get rid of the most threatening elements for rift; tribalism and religious reactionary,” the write-up said.
“Oman never loses hope in peace, even as other factors are not favourable. Such resolve and such determination are really worthy to be looked at by international powers and in particularly Europe who can embark with Oman on a mutual investment on peace.”
Since 1970, when his reign began, he had made it fundamental that Oman would always opt for peace and reconciliation. He started with himself by freeing all prisoners and declaring a national amnesty. Citizens who were away from their motherland were all invited to return and participate in the development of their country. And this policy of peace and reconciliation was instituted in all political and security challenges that faced the country. Whenever a political or security matter rises, His Majesty the Sultan would always seek a solution of leniency and tenderness.
“So the first glimpse into the ‘Why Oman?’ question is that Oman is blessed with a leader who is a true believer of peace. Peace for His Majesty is a deeply felt belief. So the golden rule is that, ‘Those who seek real peace will get real peace’. Then the ‘Why Oman?’ question becomes clearer that for Oman ‘peace’ is like oxygen; a fundamental element for life,” said Al Busaidi, who has served the government for more than two decades.
According to the article, the second factor to decipher Oman’s delicate recipe is its foreign policy. The beliefs of the enlightened leader became the cornerstone of Oman foreign policy and it never deviated from that path. In the course of peace and the search for stability, Oman, by all standards, jumped into the riskier path in international politics and that is the facilitation of the Iran nuclear deal.
International observers and various players in the region as well as the general public in the Gulf were amazed at the skillful manoeuvring of the uncounted for obstacle and riddles of this deal. It was such faith in peace that remained as the motivation force behind Oman’s brokerage of the nuclear deal between the West and Iran signed on the July 14, 2015, the EU magazine goes on.
“Oman has a time-tested treasure cove of culture and heritage. Its values are recognised across the globe and the world is looking at the Sultanate. I have full confidence that the principles the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has laid will be fully observed and enhanced by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tareq bin Taimour. International confidence in Oman will continue to flourish,” Nooh al Busaidi, the author of the article, further said.