A synonym for best services

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has been ranked highly for the level of services offered to the population. It won Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in e-Government Services for its app in the government sector and Bayan in 2018. ROP also ranked first in the Arab and Gulf region and fifth in the world in the reliability of police services. A simulation device was introduced for defensive driving programmes implemented by the Institute of Traffic Safety. This was introduced to test and evaluate the learners in order to protect them from the dangers of the road, and to save the time and effort.

Statistics indicate a decrease in traffic fatalities sixth-year in a row as a result of regulations and monitoring by the Royal Oman Police. The campaigns included road safety awareness programmes, installation of modern monitoring devices and mobile patrols. ROP has also been able to provide quality electronic services to citizens and residents alike, especially after the direct link to the civil registry database with government and private agencies. The Royal Oman Police no longer rely on paperwork for its services as transactions have gone online via the website and smartphone applications.