A storm brewing over the sea called life

A storm brews over the sea, becomes a deep depression and then a cyclone.
It was intriguing to note how the cyclone turns in an anti-clockwise direction, gathering speed and dispersing clouds around it that pour down rain.
Maybe we do not think too often about weather conditions. When we take a closer look, we realise humans go through almost a similar experience.
When life assumes a pace that is not within one’s control, the person ends up in situations that are completely opposed to what they are actually about.
In the beginning, it might just be conflicting emotions circulating within themselves, but in time the person tends to have an impact on others.
They drift into a direction that is not planned but what they believe are circumstances, until it is time for landfall, like a cyclone: the situation is downgraded into a depression, which will soon wither away — from nothing to something to nothing again.
Except that when it comes to humans, the state of depression to deep depression and then to nothingness is not that easy because some individuals stay in that state of mind for long and, at times, forever. Psychiatrists will be able to tell us more about whether these situations are chemical-related or due to negative thoughts.
Depression can have an impact not just on the individual who is suffering, but also on the people around them.
A song, words in a book or the script of a motion picture can have an effect on our mood. That is how delicate the mind is.
Even knowing well that the words of songs are chosen to rhyme or to express one’s thoughts and the character of a movie are fictional, an individual who is sensitive can go through an emotional turmoil.
We use the same mind to discriminate, analyse and judge. How can we judge when we are under the influence of our opinions and not facts?
It is exactly that. When we are touched upon through emotions, there is often a stir that could shake the balance. If the eventualities do not trigger an element of emotion, then we could be the strongest of beings. But then, humans have been designed with a capacity for feelings.
Feelings are our strength and our weakness. It is the feelings that make artists sensitive to their surroundings, which allows them the creative output. Ideas originate where there is space in mind to accept and learn.
Ideas become scarce where doors are closed because there is just isn’t enough light for inspiration. When the state of mind says there is not anything that is good enough and there is no hope, a sense of helplessness arises.
In many cases, it is natural to go through these emotions and thoughts but the question probably is how long does it take to have a landfall to reach the state of depression and then to nothingness taking you to a clear mind.
Probably the mango seed goes through all this too because when you look at the inside of the seed, it seems empty, but from it comes the next large tree that bears fruits and seeds to keep the circle of life going. Just like the eye of a cyclone, where it is calm, and then the outer surroundings, where it is filled with enormous activity.
So the next time there is an urge to let things take over the thoughts and judgment, take a moment to realise it is only momentary but the condition could be ideal for the journey towards creativity.
For that, we should train ourselves to stay detached and not be emotionally responsive to the happenings around.
Cyclones are creative too — they bring a whole lot of movement, freshness and water to our beloved earth.