A self-taught makeup artist finds ethics of her art

Some people acquire knowledge through training and proper schooling and there are those who have natural instincts to do something. Hawa al Bellucci comes under the latter category that led her to learn by trial, through amateur attempts and ended up becoming a true makeup artist who is known for doing things “just the right way.”

A college graduate in geography it took time for Hawa to choose a career due to the clash between her academic knowledge and her passion for becoming a makeup artist. Once decided she did not care for her educational background and listened to her intuition of setting up of a beauty parlour.


“My major in college was geography. I did not study anything related to makeup. Makeup artistry was only a hobby for me and I never thought that it would be a profession for me,” she said.

Hawa started applying her own acquired skill to friends and sisters before converting it into a career project. “Your friend

s and sisters will always be there for a free makeover. Who wouldn’t be? Make your friends aware that you are there for a free service before they go out or even before a big event.”

Those free clients were doing free marketing for Hawa. When asked by others who did the makeup for them, they sang all praises for her and she got a reputation of a good makeup artist.

This is how she started her career in makeup artistry. Later, before moving on to her next big plan of having an independent salon, Hawa joined ‘Mulhemat programme  — inspirers in English”, organised by Riyada in cooperation with other companies.

This course was her starting point. Through the course she learned how to launch her small business, how to promote it, how to make deals, how to grow up, and how to recruit others in her project and lots more.

“To me, makeup is something special. It taught me to have fun and more importantly, it taught me that even when you’ve had a bad day, you can take a look into the mirror, wipe it out and start afresh again tomorrow. It is not just a red lipstick; it is confidence in a tube. It’s not just a concealer, it’s the secret to giving that teenager the confidence to go to a party with her head high be

lieving that beauty is all her,” Hawa explained.

Hawa believes that makeup has the ability to give confidence to many girls to a certain extent, to change a life, to evoke a smile or even a tear. “Most of the women don’t go out without wearing makeup. It is not because they are not beautiful enough. It gives them confidence to cover some of the facial skin problems. Wearing makeup on a daily basis is the call of the girl herself.”

“I always tell girls that makeup is not the first solution to skin problems. We do not hide them, we fix problems first. Skincare is extremely important. All women should apply the right creams and facial wash. If the problems are too hard to handle, they should go see a skin specialist,” she advises.

“For me, I prefer wearing makeup on special occasions to give a new and different look and to hide some problems. It gives a girl the feeling that she is unique and charming. 90 percent of

my outings are without makeup and I still feel confident.” Hawa uses echo-friendly products only. “I don’t use any cosmetic that is tested on animals. I make sure that my products are verified by BETA organisation that certifies that the products are cruelty-free,” she stressed.