MUSCAT, July 29 –
Omani Lawyers Association is planning to extend Fak Korba, a scheme that has been aiding “unintentional defaulters”, to more sectors of society.
More people who are unable to pay their dues due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, job loss, etc will be able to benefit from the scheme.
“We plan to extend a helping hand to more citizens and expatriates across a range of sectors,” said Dr Mohammed al Zadjali, Chairman, Omani Lawyers Association (OLA).
“Omani Lawyers Association feels it’s our obligation to adopt this initiative in order to benefit a large part of insolvents who are being held in prisons,” said Al Zadjali.
A large number of corporates and good Samaritans backed the initiative, which is carried out by lawyers and volunteer associations in coordination with Ministry of Social Development and Administrative Affairs Council of the judiciary.
“Institutions and individuals are participating in the initiative and contributing in bringing insolvent prisoners back to their families. The large participation proves how much we care for our people,” said Kamal al Lawati, Director of Finance, OLA.
The charity initiative, which receives donations in accordance with the Sultanate’s laws, has been able to secure the release of 510 insolvents from 36 jurisdictions.
It has raised a total of RO 405,838 this year.
In 2012, the first year of the scheme, 10 lawyers contributed personal savings and secured the release of 44 prisoners.
Second edition (2014) had a broader impact, covering most of the local courts.
Sixty volunteering lawyers contributed to the release of 304 insolvents.
The third edition (2015) saw three public awareness exhibitions in venues such as Muscat, Suhar and Salalah and covered all of the Sultanate’s courts. It ensured the release of 422 prisoners.
Because of its efforts, it won the second place in Sultan Qaboos Contest for Volunteer Work.
“In the fourth edition (2017), we are keen to reach a large number of insolvents covering all courts across the country,” said Khamis al Abri, Adviser-Media, OLA.