A Royal gesture at the right time

Every human being strives hard to make a living and lead a decent life. Getting a job, which is kind of impossible nowadays, is the key tool to make this happen. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for people to ensure proper living standards for their families.
With a shortfall of job opportunities, the youth, especially fresh graduates, are struggling to find a job.
These days, thousands of fresh graduates are disappointed they do not have a job despite leaving no stone unturned looking for a job or a paid training opportunity so they can get the experience they need.
Wherever they went, doors were slammed on their faces. They have spent years studying day and night. They sacrificed their life, time and effort to get an educational certificate.
Throughout all those tough years of study, they had been dreaming to be someone in the future or to achieve certain dreams in life. Today, they don’t even think of such dreams. All that matters to them is to get a job and earn an income.
Some have started sacrificing their dreams for the sake of getting a real job. Perhaps, they have stopped believing in dreams as they have realised their dreams are only dreams.
There are thousands of job-seekers. Throughout the past years, they have been waiting to find an opportunity that might come their way. However, nothing yet has emerged, so they will always keep waiting and chasing the opportunity no matter how long it takes.
Where there is a will, there is a way. To them, there will be another day that will bring them a job opportunity and help realise their dreams someday in the future. It’s a matter of waiting for right time to let things happen.
Eventually, the day has come when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos issued his Royal Directives to both the government and private sectors to provide 25,000 job opportunities.
Here comes the rescue plan for all Omani job-seekers who have been waiting for years to get a job. This Royal gesture from His Majesty revived their hopes and confidence again. Now they will be only waiting for those jobs to be announced so they can apply. This was a really commendable Royal gesture to the people of Oman.
Such a gesture is not the first-of-its-kind from His Majesty to his fellow citizens. He has always been there for his people and he believes the Omani citizen is the real treasure and a key element of the nation-building process.
He believes in the importance of having Omani youth onboard always as they are the cornerstone and heroes of the country’s future. Thanks to His Majesty for his noble gestures and dedication to maintain the excellent well-being of Omanis at all times.
Now it’s the time for all government and private agencies to join forces and work in parallel to respond to the Royal Orders of His Majesty to provide these job openings. These opportunities need to be on offer at the earliest as well as fairly distributed to the job-seekers.
On the other hand, all those graduates and job-seekers who would be offered a job opportunity should be responsible and dedicated to this mission. They all should work honourably towards giving back to their nation and reflect on His Majesty’s confidence on them. May the Almighty Allah bless His Majesty and grant him health and long life.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami