A protective cover around the Sultanate

When we talk about Renaissance in the Sultanate, the conversation is not complete unless we mention our armed forces and other security agencies. Their contribution is unmatched. They have built a security wall around us to provide a secure and appropriate environment for development in every nook and corner of the country.
This wall is important for the future of the country. It develops a sense of security, confidence and stability at a time when the world around us is facing turbulence and bloody conflicts.
The Sultan’s Armed Forces are playing a strategic role with all its units across the length and breadth of the country and its difficult topography. These forces are the mainstay of national unity, solidarity and cohesion among people of this homeland.
This is a matter of pride today. This virtuous land has not been able to achieve this without the virtue it already has, as has been stated by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in one of his speeches.
Any formidable reconstruction and development activity of such volume in this vast country is not possible without the existence of this security wall.
Since the beginning of the Renaissance, His Majesty the Sultan wanted the brave and valiant armed forces to become one of the pillars of development of the country and provide it with a wall of security and stability.
He wanted that the Sultan’s Armed Forces become a major deterrent against any threat and create fear among those who have any intention of hostility against this noble land.
This is the reason His Majesty gave utmost importance in keeping these armed forces at the highest level in terms of weapons, training, care and attention. This is what has made these forces one of the major and most powerful forces in the world and the region.
We have also tested the humanitarian, relief and emergency capabilities of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and their solid work from time to time. The humanitarian operations of these armed forces have been appreciated at the time of tribulations, natural calamities and climatic conditions faced by the Sultanate.
The Sultan’s Armed Forces were at the forefront in shouldering the huge responsibility of protecting lives and properties. They have been evacuating thousands of people from the places hit by devastating climatic conditions and moving them to safer places.
These forces have practically proved their high quality ground capabilities as was wanted by His Majesty. It is now well prepared. It has Islamic war strategy, which says that preparation for war prevents war and helps in achievement of peace. This is the reason we see peace and tranquillity in the country.
The achievements of Sultan’s Armed Forces and its professionalism during war and peace cannot be summed up in a small article. We do not have words to describe the achievements of these forces and detail the services they have rendered to this beloved country.
However, we all are eyewitnesses to the brave role played by them. This is what our eyes wanted to see and our ears wanted to listen. These are the achievements for which our hearts were beating.
The achievements made by these armed forces are beyond our imagination and perception. Our silence, encouragement and prayer are the best narrative of the heroic stories of these armed forces.
We hope the efforts of the Sultan’s Armed Forces in carrying out their responsibilities to achieve their goals will continue. They will achieve their long-term and short-term objectives with the same momentum and effectiveness we have seen from time to time. They will maintain the country as the bastion of development and protect it as a safe haven for its people.

Ali Al Matani