A night of Inshad and Sufi praise

ROHM’s evening of devotional music features an excellent selection of three renowned religious bands and highly respected singers.
Oman’s own Al Zawiya Band combines traditional culture with modern Inshad, as band members continue their grandfathers’ practice of Al malid, known as “the axis of the art of Omani song”.
Also performing is Al Masarra, a traditional Yemeni band that offers beautiful songs in noble praise of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).”
The third band, Morocco’s Arhoom al Baqal, is celebrated at home and in international festivals for expertise in the art of Sufism. The singers for the evening include two stars, Syrian Bashar Zarqan who draws on Arab poetry from classical to modern times, composing songs based on the content and rhythm of poems, and Tanzanian Yahya Bihaki Hussein who was educated in classical Arab and Sufi music and now has legendary status in her homeland. This wonderful assemblage of bands and singers will inspire all who come to this beautiful and very special concert of devotional music.
ROHM’s evening of Inshad and Sufi Praise takes place on Friday, December 14 at 7:00 pm. For more information and booking, visit www.rohmuscat.org.om